Text Box: Peter Olsen, Artist
Sampling of Commercial/Commissioned Work

Text Box: As a commissioned artist, Iíve worked with decorators, designers, churches, public/civic areas, businesses, and residences for murals and paintings.  I am a master of oils and oil/acrylic fresco; my classical training, versatility, and many years of experience allows me to work in any medium, style, and genre.  I even do caricatures for events!  My art studio has been at its location for 40 years.  As an art teacher and seminar speaker, I am comfortable painting in my studio or in front of small or large groups and thoroughly enjoy engaging my audience in conversation. Below are some of the style paintings Iíve  done for residences and businesses.  (May take a little time to load) 
Thank You! Look forward to talking with you soon!
My studio is 954-565-0054   email me peterolsenart@gmail.com


































































      I look forward to painting for YOU!